add motion to

your bed collection

add motion to

your bed collection


Wireless Remote

Adjust the position of your bed to your liking using the remote control technology! What is more, you can customize the double beds however you like. You can use one side of the bed flat while experiencing the freedom and convenience of shaping the other side the way you want!

Mobile Integrated

Designed for different needs at different times to make your life easier, Smartrest mechanisms can be set to the position you like at certain angles and the ideal sleeping position can be saved thanks to the application you will download to your mobile phone- and without troubling yourself!


Smartrest, the revolutionary mechanism of customized beds, has another innovation for those who are fond of their comfort. Do not miss on the freedom and convenience of setting the position of your bed to your liking, customizing it however you want and saving the setting.

Massage System

Smartrest technology offers you not only the significantly necessary musculoskeletal support and comfort but also relief of pain, regulated blood circulation and muscular and nervous system functions with its massage support technology.


The USB technology is undoubtedly one of the most important advancements of the recent technology world. The USB port in Smartrest mechanisms give you the freedom to charge any electronic device you have.


The comfort of a fresh and healthy sleep is waiting for you with the Air Pass technology, which offers air permeability ensured by the metal mesh design and healthy and comfortable sleep for all.


Each of the systems used in Smartrest to prevent back and lower back pains and protect the spine health are manufactured with a view to healthy life.

Moreover, the mechanisms featuring spring systems developed for maximum sleep comfort prevent the turning movements in bed at night from disturbing you and interrupting your sleep. This way, you will feel more energetic when you wake up in the morning.

All systems developed for the Smartrest mechanisms are intended to ensure maximum sleeping comfort and protection of human health.

Therefore, the mechanism designs prepared with the helix metal systems we use in the mechanisms and have developed using advanced technologies have an ergonomic structure for the human body.