Our story

Ersan , the global leading company of sleeping sector, has started its first business life  at the metal sector.  In a Professional meaning it has the capability of producing more over 30 years.In free zone, during year 2011 has passed to soft bedding group, moved  its metal experience to the bedding sector with the same aesthetic and quality concept.

Ersan within its concept ,designed the products as the foreign market required and at the 70000m2    modern facilities it created  sleep collection like serial and boutique  production acoording to the market needs.

These are, stable and  adjustable boxspring bed sets ,pullback rail system boxspring .


At the same time stone wash beds, bunkbeds and folding beds are found at its production group which are produced in modern washing and painting units. In addition to these, Ersan produces interiour constructions  of the electrical boxsprings ,  first quality matresses for home and hotel concept.

Ersan has achieved remain at the top of list by overtaking trend and developing technology , has  stregthened its customer hands with their brand name at the market , has increased the sales and giving distributorship. By the way under the brand name A&E Primus Betten which states in Cologne Germany , presents top level fantastic designs to the customer interest and improve that local market day by day . It submits  aesthetic  products people who has different and high standard life styles.

Giving priority to R&D activities with the purpose of carrying out pioneering projects in the bedding  sector, using its cumulative knowledge through its trading experience and with its professional staff who are innovative and have a broad vision. Staying updated, following the ever progressing technology without losing the first excitement of entrepreneurship in the state of art manufacturing facilities founded with the newest technologies in mind.

Promoting the vision of comfort, aesthetic and quality in our country, taking care of the ever-changing consumer preferences via its professional staff and partners, and finally, promoting its trademark  international market via taking an active role in the world bedding  market  required by the market conditions in which it exists.

Ersan adapts its commercial doctrines and vision in the direction of researcher soul to all personnel. In addition to having proffessional team and it offers solutions , suggestions with new ideas to the market requirements. It aims to present “Ersan Sleep Comfort” for every home it goes on  progressing  with innovative perspective in accordence with its  principles.