Revolutionized the customizable bed sector, Ersan has another innovation for those who are fond of their comfort. With Smartrest that can be set to the position you like using the remote control system, your sleeping and resting hours will now turn into fun…

Thanks to the mechanism system that consists of sections that are capable of moving independently from each other, you can set your bed to the sleeping position any time you want using the remote control technology. .

Smartrest that has countless skills is operated with a single remote control to set the position desired to read a book, watch the TV or relax following a busy work schedule.

Thanks to the independently moving systems in double bed models that allow couples to set two sides of the bed however they like, the moving position changes of this special system also regulates your blood flow. Offering a relaxing massage effect against your neck, back and feet pain, the neck, lower back, back, hip and leg sections are tailor-made to your body to ensure a perfect fit.